Sync-N-Link for FCP


Sync-N-Link for FCP takes away the time-consuming chore of synchronizing dailies or rushes by processing projects or bins of unsynchronized clips exported from Final Cut Pro.

Sync-N-Link for FCP will save days ahead of editorial and opens new flexibility in editing dual-system sound with Final Cut Pro.

Sync-N-Link for FCP supports two different workflows:

  • Pre-edit sync — Bins of video clips are synced to audio clips before editing;
  • Cut first/sync later — an edited Sequence with camera audio has the audio replaced with the full polyphonic audio tracks.

With a pre-edit sync, Sync-N-Link for FCP gives you the option to retain camera audio along with multi-track audio from the separate system recording, or only use channels from the multi-track.

With the cut first/sync later workflow, the edited sequences can be exported (via Final Cut Pro XML) to Sync-N-Link for FCP. The camera audio will be replaced with the full set of channels from the polyphonic recording.


  • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later
  • Final Cut Pro 6 or 7 (part of Final Cut Studio)
  • one-time access to the internet to activate the software serial number (read more)


Sync-N-Link for FCP can be installed on multiple computers, but each serial number you purchase can be used to activate the software on only one computer at a time. Each computer you activate the software on will remember the serial number.

Price: $495.00